Guide For Parents

We understand it can be frustrating trying to understand the terminology your child is speaking when referring to our controllers. We have created this page as a way for you to better understand our controllers. 
Below are some commonly asked questions. We hope these answer all of your questions or concerns, if not please feel free to contact a custom service representative at Our customer service team is here to answer all your questions within 48 hours! 
What makes your controllers better than the ones I can purchase in my hometown store?
At KwikBoy Modz, we stand behind our products 100%. When you order from our online store, our design team creates the controller by hand. We use various paint methods, airbrushing, hydro-dipping. In our final step of creating the controller we shield it with our top of the line clear coat. These hand built controllers are built of quality and are made to enhance your child’s gaming experience. We create a type of high quality controller that is not available in your local store. 
What does a modded controller refer to?
A modded controller is a new Microsoft or Sony controller that is modified to have enhanced functions and modified visually also. An example of this is our remappable back buttons or KwikFire Master Mod! 
What type of controllers are you using?
We always use brand new official controllers at KwikBoy Modz. We use unopened Sony and Microsoft controllers. These controllers are wireless and once received, all you need to do is sync to your console!
My child keeps referring to rapid fire, what does this mean?
Rapid fire is an additional feature we offer. This feature is a chip that is installed into the controller. This chip will be inside of the controller and not be seen. This feature speeds up the rate of the firing of weapons during gameplay essentially making a single shot weapon turn into a fully automatic weapon.
What are the controller options?
We are able to design the controller with various different options. These options customize the look of the controller visually. Your child is able to upgrade parts of the controller such as the thumbsticks or buttons to different colors.
I am weary of purchasing items online, how can I trust your website is safe?
KwikBoy Modz is a certified secure site and a verified merchant. Our website is secure and is a safe place to shop and supported by top of the line security coding to prevent any of your information being phished from our site. 
My child wants to order from KwikBoy Modz, but I have never heard of this website?
We understand parents can be weary of purchasing on new websites. On our website you can view previous customer reviews on each product page. We have been creating these awesome gaming tools since 2012 and have shipped thousands of controllers over this time. 
I am having a hard time checking out and would like some help, what can I do?
At KwikBoy Modz, we always want to help our customers have an easy and efficient experience when using our website. We are available around the clock at our email A customer service representative will respond to your email within 48 hours. You can also call us at 732-588-MODZ and we would be happy to assist with your checkout questions! 
What does it mean when it says processing time is 2-5 weeks?
This processing time is when we hand build the controller. Normal processing time is 2-5 weeks plus shipping time. During this processing time the controller is painted, clear coated and assembled. The final step it goes through is testing before it is packaged for shipment. When it is shipped you will receive tracking information for your order. via email and notified when you controller is Out For Delivery so you do not miss it! 
What happens if we purchase a controller and it stops working within the first month?
Once we stand behind our products 100% at KwikBoy Modz, we give every controller a FREE 3 month warranty for wire and chip problems. We also offer protection plans that protect against virtually any type of damage. These protection plans are available when adding your controller to the cart and must be purchased prior to your order shipping.
Where can I hear about updates on your modded controller sales?
To hear about our sales and promotions, you can sign up for your newsletters and emails on our website! You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter to hear about our latest deals!