Controller Options

Welcome To Our Controller Options Page Where You Can Learn About All Of The Options Available For The Customization Of Your Controllers!


At KwikBoy Modz, We Are Proud To Offer You A Seemingly Endless Supply Of Options To Customize Your Controller Just The Way You Want!




At KwikBoy Modz, we strive to deliver the best quality components for all of your controller needs. We test dozens of mods and hand select the best selection of mods to offer for any need.



                                                     Rapid Fire / Akimbo Rapid Fire                     Drop Shot

                                                        Jump Shot                                                   Jitter

    Auto Aim                                                Fast Reload

                         Quick Scope                            Combi Mode (LT: Rapid Fire, RT: Aim)

    Sniper Breath                                                 Burst Fire

          Auto Run                                                   Auto Stand

    LT Cancellation                                         BF Auto Spot

    Tactical Remap                                           Crouch Shot



Remappable Back Buttons (Available for Xbox or PS5)





Digital Triggers

Digital Triggers convert the normal, pressure sensitive triggers in to short distance mouse clicks. This greatly increases response time and is recommended for first person shooters. 





Quick, adjustable thumbsticks for both Xbox One and PS4