Refund policy

If you are not satisfied with the goods received, you must notify Flower Explosion verbally and send an email to on the same day that the product was delivered and provide pictures of:

  • Product showing the damage
  • All Labels from the each box.
  • Boxes in which damaged product was received.

Upon approval, we may issue a refund for the full amount or the amount equivalent to the damaged products. Flower Explosion may propose a special offer or re-delivery to the client instead of the refund, but it is the client who has the right to choose whether the refund or the offer. All complaints must attach digital proof of the product such as pictures or video indicating all the flowers received. If Flower Explosion is not notified on the same day the product was delivered, a claim will not be accepted and no refund will be issued. A refund will be approved if: the product arrives considerably damaged.

I understand Flower Explosion reserves the right to make changes and substitutions. All substitutions and changes are only done as a last resort, and only when the reasons for doing so are reasonable and genuine. For example, if a certain bloom is unavailable or the flowers are not in a condition to display at a wedding function, they are changed by Flower Explosion. Any substitutes will be the same level as your original order. Meaning we will not sub out alstroemerias for garden roses. The cost will be proportionate.

Under any circumstance, Flower Explosion will not issue refunds for any amount higher than the amount of the purchased goods. Flower Explosion, is not liable for the products after the delivery. It is the client’s responsibility to take care of the product properly.

Fresh-cut flowers are natural & perishable products, therefore their sizes and exact colors may vary depending on outside conditions. We try to provide the most accurate pictures and descriptions, but the customer understands that the colors and characteristics of the flowers delivered may differ at a reasonable extent to the pictures displayed on our website. Claims will not be accepted for slight differences on the shade of a flower.

Refunds for Cancellations Policy
Both the Client and ourselves have the right to terminate any Services Agreement for any reason.  Minimum 15 days before delivery day notice of cancellation required. Flower Explosion, reserves the right of not processing an order cancellation if notified less than 15 days before delivery date. To cancel an order you must provide us your name, order number, address and last four digits of the credit card used if that was the case.

On all cancellations and order changes where Flower Explosion has to issue a refund, the amount to be refunded is subject to a 20% fee to cover any subsequent administrative expenses. Refunds will be issued within 48 hours of the cancellation confirmation on the same credit card or PayPal account used.